Korvax Fireblood


Infernal Pact Warlock / Fighter

STR: 16 CON: 20 DEX: 8

INT: 14 WIS: 15 CHA: 10

AC: 25 Fort: 21 Ref: 19 Will: 19

Korvax fights with a fine Dwarven Craghammer, which he infused with powers from his infernal pact and the hellish powers taken from the defeated hellbound minotaur Commander Carnage. (1d10 damage, Brutal 2, Vesatile)

Korvax is trained in Arcana, Athletics, Endurance, History, Insight and Intimidation.


  • Pact Hammer +2 (level 9)

Backstory (to be completed)

Special Property: additional +1d6 necrotic damage on a critical hit

Daily (Fear): Free Action When you hit with an attack, the enemy gets a -2 to attacks (save ends). If the enemy fails the first save, the enemy instead becomes panicked (save ends).

(When panicked, an enemy must run away from you as fast as it can on its turn.)

  • Dwarven Drakescale +2 (level 7)
  • Bracers of Mighty Striking (level 2)
  • Glasses of Reading (level 2)
  • Amulet of Protection +1 (level 1)
  • 857 GP
  • 1260 GP in Ritual Components/Residuum
  • 450 GP Bank note from Mellor

A grumpy, generally sour dwarf, Korvax bears a deep grudge against the foul bastard demons who ran him out of his homeland on the eastern continent. Vowing to exact revenge, he has spent the last few years searching for ways he could turn the demons' powers against them. Being something of a historian, he was eager to get the opportunity to search the vast libraries of Oghma for his answer, before it, too, was overrun by the demons.

Korvax arrived on Mellor with the Lucky Maiden, carrying a large number of books from the immense libraries of Oghma. He spent most of his time on that trip completely obsessing over a set of 3 ancient books discussing ancient pact magics. One of these books would provide him with the answer he was looking for, describing long-forgotten rituals which would allow him to tap into hidden pockets of infernal power, at the cost of tainting his soul with them in the exchange. All too happy to set foot on Mellor and to get away from the far-too jolly (and loud!) gnome ship that tugged them there, he set about finding a spot where he could perform this ritual post-haste.

Nearly a year has passed since that ritual took place, and he's had little interaction with Demons to test his new power, but he feels it there bubbling just under his skin. In that time he's poured over whatever charts he could with Berronar, mapping out the Demonic advances based on the news that would reach the island, gaining a decent knowledge of cartography in the process.

He can't stand it anymore. He can't just stay here on Mellor while the world around him crumbles. He has to get off this island. When the opportunity to join the crew of the Thwaites came up, he jumped to it. This service would allow him to pay off his "debt" to the island, and free him to pursue his vengeance. Thankfully the ship's need for a cartographer was great enough that the captain could overlook his mediocre sailing skills. Still he would willingly take part in all training activities during the six months before the first mission and at least try to make himself into a decent sailor, if that meant being able to take the fight to the demons.


  • Rough around the edges, doesn't handle people being emotional very well
  • Very vocal with his opinions, even when they aren't always requested
  • Tough on those who he believes aren't thinking straight
  • Gets melodramatic when he starts thinking to much about his homeland
  • Enjoys a good, strong ale with friends
  • Protective of those around him, though he won't say it overtly (due to his heavy guilt over leaving his homeland in a time of need)
  • Enjoys a good confrontation to liven things up once in a while
  • Extreme hatred of demons and their conquering, cruel and destructive ways
  • Fears only failure in his quest to exact revenge on the demonic invader

Korvax Fireblood

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