World Map


Ozonia – Continent that includes several tropical islands in the Shee’ar sea. inhabited by a variety of humans and elves. Quite a lot of shipping happens between Ozonia and what most refer to as “The Mainland”. The Mainland is actually the continent of Fellor.

Fellor – Until recently the nations of Fellor were a shinning beacon of diplomacy and justice. Events in the past few decades unfortunately put the human nation of Elyria at war with the elven nation of Massillon. It sent ripples every which way as rulers sided against former allies. The continent, situated in the northern hemisphere has a few mountain chains, referred to as the Peaks of Girn. It is covered by boreal forests. Elyria has fallen to the hands of Massillon and its demonic allies. This was the site of the famous Battle of the Seventh Pillar; the deciding battle that gave the demonic armies an advantage, a portal to Tahneddra.

Siloam – Dry arid desert continent to the South of Ozonia. Inhabited by a variety of creatures. There is a large mountain chain that seperates Siloam and Fellor. Area mostly populated by wild tribes.

Xiandi – Mysterious land to the east of Fellor. Continent inhabited by humans and more savages races. Every race seems to place honour highly. Semi-tropical climate.

Buu’Turu – the mysterious continent of Buu’Turu that belongs to an ancient sub-races of elves. They keep quite to themselves and never bother much to petty matters of the world. Foreigners are not welcome.

Bellavia – Once a continent as populated and powerful as Fellor, Bellavia was once gripped in a long and savage war. The end of the war was a spell that devastated most of the continent. Barely anyone lives there now. Tristan and the crew of the Lucky Maiden (from Mellor) have been gone for over a year now, headed toward this continent in the search for ancient artifacts, one of which is an enchanted ship said to be able to fly. The land is rumoured to be wild, and crawling with ancient magical beasts. No civilization remains, though plenty of signs of ancient civilizations can be discovered.


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