A continent of Tahneddra that is comrpised of several tropical islands in the Shee’ar sea. It is mainly inhabited by a variety of humans and elves, though the elven numbers have dwindled after the demonic invasion, where they were caught between the demons, their orcish and hobgoblin allies and the rest of the world who were angry at the Massilonian elves for working with the demons.

This is where most of PCs come from, and is the most developed area of Tahneddra.


Developed areas:

Mellor: Young island-state founded by the crew of the Ionian Sun/Lucky Maiden. This once unassuming island has quickly become a minor power in the area.

Kalaas: Used to be the biggest, richest and most powerful city in Ozonia. Barely survived a demonic invasion, led by the demon prince Graa’zt, thanks to the help of the recently risen church of Helm. Current leaders include Morgan Portas (head-strong priest of Helm), Father Resquiesse (a leader of the church of Helm) and Tyton (a crusader of Helm). The city is still in a state of disarray, and its military force is very weakened at the moment. A fleet from Ra’waan that was meant to be sent after the demons is now considering the option of attacking Kalaas while it is weak.

Broken Mast Island: A small lost island near the coast of Fellor, named by the crew of the Restless Spirit.

Jak’s Cove: A small neutral island near Nordea. It is a fiercely independent traders’ haven.

Alliance Islands

Mellor has lead the creation of an alliance of many small islands in Ozonia. Alliance islands include: Xantika, Eltamir, Nordea, Izrom and many others.


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