A fault line runs its course from Southern Fellor to its northern reaches, creating Tahneddra’s largest and highest mountain range, The Peaks of Girn. Beneath and within these mountains, dwarven clans have dug to depths beyond what any human has dreamed.

During the period of prosperity between races, the dwarves mingled with the humans of Elyria and beyond, spreading throughout the world, but the majority of dwarves remained beneath the soil and rock. It is these dark-skinned dwarves that one refers to when speaking of Girn.

Girn is, at most, a scattering of clans and fortresses beneath the mountains, and gatherings of city-states and castles within the mountains. While the dwarves that mingled with the humans began to lose their dark pigment, those of Girn are still as black as coal.

Reverence for Moradin, the dwarven creator, is expected within the Peaks of Girn, whether visitor or inhabitant, dwarf or other. This is the uniting factor among the isolated clan settlements in the rugged terrain and unending tunnels. It is in Moradin that the dwarves find their identity and unite under the banner of Girn.


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