Fellor was once the centre of Tahneddra, a crossroads between continents. It’s realms were divided primarily between three nations. To the north, the fey-touched elves of Massillon. To the south, the industrious humans of Elyria. Within the mountains, the dark-skinned dwarves of Girn.

The three races gained powered, knowledge, and expansion nearly simultaneously, as tribes became clan, clans became kingdoms, and kingdoms became a nation. Though tension stirred between the three races, they eventually found equal footing, and lived many centuries in peace.

The humans of Elyria found a knack for industry, and their cities grews and their people multiplied. They vastly outnumbered the elves and dwarves. As the humans extended their lands, the elves were pushed into the northern region, and the dwarves were pushed deeper into their mountain realms.

This gradual process developed resentment in the elven, dwarven, and human nations of Fellor. Each began to see the others as a hindrance to their prosperity and a barrier to their people’s freedom. Each nation turned within itself, cutting off diplomatic relations with the other nations, segregating themselves within their borders.

Culture and industry became stagnant. Military present became superbly invasive. Racial prejudice soared.

The stage was set for grand betrayal, nations warring, and demonic invasion.


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