The industrious humans of Elyria were vast in numbers and controlled much of the continent of Fellor. Their rapid expansions pushed the elves of Massillon and the dwarves of Girn deeper into isolation, causing friction and resentment between the races.

The Empire of Elyria soon closed off its borders to everyone, hording its wealth in the name of knowledge and its god, Pelor. Before its fall, it had become the greatest military power in the world, the most pious centre of religion, and a vault of all of Tahneddra’s knowledge. All its riches, knowledge, and glories were withheld from the world, especially its neighbours, Massillon and Girn.

Elyria wasn’t always like this.

As a crossroads to continents, Elyria led the way in cultural development in Fellor. It connected the elves of Massillon and the dwarves of Girn. It built roads to the ancient civilizations of Siloam and Buu’Turu. It braved the islands of Ozonia in the Shee’ar Sea and explored the mysterious continent of Bellavia.

Knowledge and culture was shared between races and nations. Trade routes always found their way through Fellor. Wealth flowed into and out of Elyria.

The worship of evil gods was nearly eradicated by the church of Pelor. This deity was worshipped widely and accepted in all of Elyria. Its followers devoutly sought to snuff evil out. Though other gods were tolerated, the Sun God was loved and cherished my the main mass of Elyrians.


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