Battle of the Seventh Pillar

A document written by a sage of Fellor:

The Year of the Flame The once-unified continent of Fellor was divided at this time. The Elves of Massillon, the Dwarves of Girn, and the Humans of Elyria kept to themselves, refusing diplomatic relations, centuries of territorial friction and racial prejudice consuming them. Fellor was once strong, but divided it is weak. It was in this environment that the Father of Lies, Mephistopheles began to work his magic. Some scholars believe it was he who drove the races apart, though no evidence of this has come to light.

No one ever knew how the demons first entered the world, but it was clear the invasion truly began when the Archdevil Mephistopheles gained possession of the Seven Pillars and opened the gateway to the Hells. Quick, stealthy, and decisive strikes were made in ancient keeps within Massillon, Elyria, and Girn. Within these holds of knowledge, the demonic forces attained the Seven Pillars. It was later determined that the demons were seeking the blood of the lines of seven sages, who had each given his own blood to create the Gateway of the Seven Pillars, a portal to other planes of existence.

When the demons had in their possession six of the Pillars, blood of descendants of the seven sages, they set their eyes on the Seventh Pillar. It was rumoured the Seventh Pillar, like the other Pillars, was held within the ruins of an ancient keep in the centre of Elyrian territory. As Mephistopheles sent his forces to the keep, so the three great nations of Fellor detached their heroes.

These were the heroes, as they were called then: Of Elyria: Archbishop of Pelor and High Warlord of the Imperial Armies, Daedalus the Redeemd First Advisor, Faustus the Demon-touched General Lareth the Beautiful

Of Massillon: Lord Protector of Mithrendain, Ragnara Arcamenel Archmage Dimzool Cloaknipper Seeker of Massillon, High Priest of Vulkoor, Leader of the Drow, Quavfryn Kilrae

Of Girn: High Cleric of Girn and Moradin, Dothal Ironsledge Dwarven Defender, Thar Oathguard

A great battle was fought over the Seventh PIllar. Overcoming their hatred for one another, the Elves, Humans, and Dwarves fought as one to defend the Seventh Pillar. The onslaught of demons, devils, undead, and hordes of goblinoids were heroically held back, though they swarmed from the sewers, the forests, the skies, and the grave. It looked as if the forces of good would triumph, when the forces of Massillon showed their true colours. Led by the Lord Protector, the elves betrayed the dwarves and humans, handing the Seventh Pillar over to the demons. The blood of Dimzool Cloaknipper, the Seventh PIllar, was in the hands of Mephistopheles.

A few months later, the demonic invasion truly began. Swarms of demons and devils ravaged the lands of Fellor, led by the Demon Lord Graz’at. It was later known that the elves sought to preserve the elven way. Their pact with the Archdevil Mephistopheles and his demonic hordes backfired when the forests of Massillon were invaded as well.

The accounts of the heroes:

Daedalus, after aiding in defeating a powerful lich, was murdered by Ragnara.

Faustus stood with his troops, holding the eastern line. He lived and fled Elyria to the island surrounding Kalaas.

Lareth was overrun when he separated from his brother Daedalus, a move that perhaps cost both their lives.

Ragnara kept his pact with the Archdevil, fled the battle with his elves his tow. He returned to Mithrendain, a hero, but disappeared when the invasion turned to Massillon.

Dimzool was stripped of all rank and power by Ragnara, false rumours spread that Dimzool had betrayed the elven nation. He was exiled.

Quavfryn fell bravely to the undead scourge, single-handedly felling dozens of them in her furious wake.

Dothal lived to tell his tale to his dwarven people, saving many of them when the invasion crushed the dwarven clans. It is assumed that he lives on today, leading the remnants of the dwarves of Girn.

Thar was killed by furious dwarves, rumours say that he was a demon himself, manipulating Dothal and eventually betraying him.

This scholar was baffled by this story, gathered from several survivors. Elves making pacts with Archdevils, betraying all of Tahneddra? Demons and devils working together? I believe that the rumours of Asmodeus are true. The Archdevil turned god has ended the Blood War, uniting demon and devil. This explains why devils and demons worked together to invade Fellor and Kalaas. This knowledge is most important to the peoples of all of Tahneddra. Our world is in danger. Demon Lords and Archdevils assault the continents, with mass hordes of hellian minions behind them. The Supreme Master of the Nine Hells has his sights on us. This story must be told to all people. How can we save our world if we are so divided?

Battle of the Seventh Pillar

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