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  • Triggels Bonderpont

    Tall and lanky, reddish/brown hair, blue eyes, weathered complexion.

    Triggels was born in Chesner, a small whaling community off the coast of the northern mainland. A few years back when the demons first arrived Chesner was one of the first …

  • Sunnray the Diviner

    Sunnray the Diviner is of average height, weight with fiery red hair, azure blue eyes and in his late twenties. When in town he sports plain clothes with a tabard that indicates he is a scribe. Under the tabard one may notice a dagger, 3 pouches and a mug …

  • Camp

    Camp makes blackpowder for Mellor. He helped Tie with making a better grenade in the early stages of grenade research. When the new blackpowder facility on East Mellor is built, Camp will be the lead hand for producing blackpowder.

  • Ja'adoc Brelx

    From Ja'adoc's journal: How good it is to run your blades through the tentacled maw of the illithid. How sweet the victory of spilling the blood of our hated enemy. Killing, the so-called "honour" of a coming-of-age rite. I lost every friend I had to …

  • Khalis Tabernacle

    Khalis is the adoptive father of Dimzool. the only man aquainted with Dimzool's tragedy. Out of Character: amended above in his Bio Incredibly frail, more aged looking than even his 68 years should show, but has a vitality to mirror Dimzool's own. …

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