Thar Oathguard

Dwarven Defender of Girn


Personality: stoic, gullible, humble, protective, dutiful, brave, unshakable


Born and bred to be a dwarven defender, Thar embodied all that a young dwarf dreams to be. He was strong, sturdy, fierce, and loyal. His daily concern was the safety of High Cleric Dothal, and secondly the safety of his troops. He was a devout follower of Moradin, sometimes more so than his charge.

Sadly, Thar was replaced by s a demon. It took years to infiltrate the dwarves, because they are so scattered, but eventually they succeeded with Thar. The demon’s mission was to manipulate Dothal, High Cleric of Girn.

Motivations: a soldier’s ambition, serve and protect, would give his life to save Dothal’s

One of the eight heroes of the Battle of the Seventh Pillar.

Thar Oathguard

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