Ragnara Arcamenel

Lord Protector of Mithrendain


Personality: grim, skeptical, commanding, pragmatic, stern, fierce, driven, unshakable


When Massillon was great and its city of Mithrendain even greater, Lord Protector was given absolute power to do what it takes to preserve the elven way. Ragnara commanded the armies and wizards of Massillon. He was respected as a great leader and swordmage.

After returning from the Battle of the Seventh Pillar, Ragnara was declared hero of Massillon. When the demonic invasion turned on them, Ragnara disappeared.

Motivations: to protect the elven way he must do anything in his power

Prophecy: He has always known that the fate of elvenkind lies in his hands.

One of the eight heroes at the Battle of the Seventh Pillar.

Ragnara Arcamenel

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