Faustus the Demon-touched


Personality: fatalistic, reserved, suspicious, reckless, driven, restless


A warlock of unending demon knowledge, Faustus is a shadow standing in the Light. He was once Head Advisor to Daedalus the Remeeded, and the most knowledgeable human alive when it comes to demons. He was never popular with Elyrians, but he was one of the heroes to survive the Battle of the Seventh Pillar.

Motivations: holds knowledge above all else in life

Prophecy: one of his line shall be the Chosen One to end the demon invasion and he will be named Idokka

While Elyria was being obliterated by the demonic invasion, Faustus fled to the islands surrounding Kalaas in Ozonia.

One of the eight heroes of the Battle of the Seventh Pillar.

Faustus the Demon-touched

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