Dothal Ironsledge

High Cleric of Girn


Personality: witty, brooding, skeptical, impatient, honest, hard-hearted, bold


As a cleric of Moradin, Dothal Ironsledge was able to unite, under one banner, the clans of the Peaks of Girn. The High Cleric of Girn was known beneath every mountain, on the walls of every fortress, and in the depths of every dwarven mine. He was the mouthpiece of Moradin and the leader of the dwarves of Girn.

Motivations: seeks to redeem the dwarven race by taking back their lands

One of the eight heroes of the Battle of the Seventh Pillar.

Dothal lived to tell his tale to his dwarven people, saving many of them when the invasion crushed the dwarven clans. It is assumed that he lives on today, leading the remnants of the dwarves of Girn.

Dothal Ironsledge

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