Dimzool Cloaknipper

Wizard of indeterminable age


Dimzool is an only child of a noble family of Massillon, and as such, has a chip on his shoulder, thinking himself better than others, willing to use anyone or anything to further his needs (not in a malicious manner, just a purely selfish, self-serving way). despite his contemptuous manner towards others he’s surprisingly generous, willing to go out of his way to help anyone he considers worthy.

Dimzool is rather aloof, observing as much as possible, learning as much as he can; a definite believer in Knowledge is Power. While usually quiet he sometimes can become enraged by stupidity and will vehemently chastise morons. prone to sarcastic comments.

Joining the explorations of Mellor are his way of exploring the world. This is what he tells everybody, however. What truly happened is a secret known only to himself and his close friend, the scholar, Khalis Tabarnacle.

Dimzool was gifted in the arcane arts at a very young age and so his parents hired Khalis to be his tutor and mentor. Fostering Dimzool’s arcane skills was a decision his parents would rue for the rest of their unnaturally shortened lives.

Dimzool became very powerful almost immediately, manipulating objects with the power of his mind, putting people to sleep at a mere thought, but what he truly excelled in was the power of the flame, he had an almost fantical devotion to it. would sometimes lose himself, staring into an open flame for hours, a feverish gleam in his eyes.

One day the flames and his craft, betrayed him. He was outside practicing his magic, the flaming sphere, his pride and joy, cooking his recent catch, a fish in a nearby stream when suddenly a bear, probably attracted by the smell of the cooking meat, came charging at him. Dimzool in a panic threw the flaming sphere in front of the bear who, unable to stop his momentum, rammed right into it and caught aflame. The bear, driven insane by the pain, bared down on Dimzool in a murderous rage. Dimzool, to his everlasting sorrow, fled to the only safe haven he knew, his family estate.

The bear chased him there, miraculously still aflame, and crashed into the house after him. Dimzool evaded the bear long enough for the flames to finally consume it but the damage was done. The entire estate was razed to the ground with his parents inside. Dimzool escaped unharmed but traumatized. He continues the use of the flame but has a profound respect for it’s destructive power. Khalis adopted the child and raised him as his own.

Dimzool kept his mistake a secret for centuries, and continued to excel at his craft. He became Archmage of the elven nation, and increased the libraries of Massillon tenfold. His secret continued to haunt him, until the Lord Protector of Mithrendain, capital city of the elves of Massillon, Ragnara Arcamenel discovered the truth.

The Cloaknipper bloodline are descendants of one of the seven sages who gave their blood to create a gateway to other planes of existence. The blood of a Cloaknipper is one of the Seven Pillars to open the gateway. He was blackmailed by Ragnara into giving Mephistopheles a chance to sap his blood, and the Gateway of the Seven Pillars was opened, flooding Fellor with demons and devils.

Dimzool was stripped of all rank and power by Ragnara, false rumours spread that Dimzool had betrayed the elven nation. He was exiled, and made his way to Mellor.

Prophecy: It is said that the Cloaknippers will outlive all.

Dimzool Cloaknipper

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