Daedalus the Redeemed

Cleric of Pelor


Personality: calm, bold, pure-hearted, hopeful, brave, decisive, patient


Elyria had never known a more powerful and charismatic cleric than Daedelus the Redeemed. He led the Elyrians for three decades as Archbishop of the nation’s Church - dedicated solely to Pelor – and as High Warlord of the Imperial armies. His people trusted him with mind body, and soul. He was twin brother to Lareth the Beautiful.

Motivations: unclear as he was prone to spurts of revelations from Pelor

Prophecy: Elyria shall rule until twins are broken.

One of the eight heroes of the Battle of the Seventh Pillar. Slain by Ragnara Arcamenel as he sought to take the Seventh Pillar.

Daedalus the Redeemed

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