Barbarian Shifter


Sin-Shan has been training to be the protector of the forest next to the hills for a few years now. He is part of a shifter lineage that have taken care of these woods for many generations. His mentor Sooib-Shan has been the forest’s guardian for the last 30years.

Sin is an eager apprentice, but lacked the necessary patience and savoir-faire that his mentor has. He’s overprotective and dense. The lack of interesting things to do has gotten him in many troubles. Thankfully , his goliath friend on the hill and the little kobold who frequents these parts, help him out when needed.

The goliath is the guardian of the hills as Sooib is the guardian of the forest. The kobold frequently acts as a messenger between the hills and the town. They(hill and forest people) get most of their town news from him.

One day Sooib told Sin that his next task will be to go on a trek where he’ll face many dangers, but will also prove himself infront of the gods. He would come back a true warrior or not at all.


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