Balashar Deepdoom


Fighter Age 30


Balashar DeepDoom was born to a race of reclusive DragonBorn whose lineage descended from the blood of Blue (lightning-based) Dragons.

His clan lived in cave structures near hot springs removed from other civilizations, to avoid the unnecessary complications related which living near to other races. The elders had long since realized that their proud heritage and upbringing was not well received among the more common folk. Hence they had created their clan as a form of retirement community where elder dragonborn can be settle down, raise their young and then send out into the world to bring honor to their name.

Balashar developed a taste for heavy bludgeoning weapons and thus focused his skill on this. After twenty years of training, he worked as a border guard for his clan and hired hand for nearby communities protecting caravans and protection for exploration missions. He developed a reputation for being the first forward when a call for danger was made.

When rumors of a demon invasion starting in Kallas started he decided to move from his small corner of the world and set out. Eventually he was hired as a guard on the ship ‘Floating Donkey’, a supply ship from Mellor. Unfortunately the ship crashed near it’s delivery point on the target island. Surviving the crash, Ballashar recovered his strength using his rations and what he could salvage from he crash on the beach.

Seeing strange lights on a nearby tower he made his way to it, hoping to discover any other survivors and perhaps another traveling party that that could use his skills. Finding a motley crew fighting ghosts, he rushed in …...

Balashar Deepdoom

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