Andalla Spite


Daughter of the once famous, Lord Spite, Andalla escaped the mainland after her father’s armies were overrun by the demon hordes.

Though she came from a ruling family, the Spites were not the type to rule from the throne. Instead, they had a philosophy of ruling through example and deeds. Andalla was raised to survive and fight, to be free thinking and to respect those around her.

While evading the demons that overran her homeland she spent many months moving south along the coast or the mainland. The band of survivors she was with quickly dwindled to a handful. They eventually made there way to a coastal town that had not yet been overrun and were able to convince the locals to flee in their ships and boats. After a month they came to Kalaas and had a few months of security.

When the demons came to Kalaas, Andalla was one of the fortunate who get away from the city and like so many others chose to make a new start in Mellor.

When she is not attending to her duties to Mellor she spends much of her free time in the libraries working with the monks and bards from Ohgma. Over the last few months she has started to set resources aside to develop some of the land on Mellor, she’s undecided yet as to what she’ll do, but she is smart enough to realize that early development on Mellor will secure a good position for her kin in the generations to come.

When the ships she was on went down on the coast of the Haunted Isle she wondered if the gods had something against her…. But, no. It would seem that she was meant to survive and live on. After managing to sustain herself for a couple of weeks she has spotted other folks from Mellor on the island.

Andalla Spite

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