Agustus Chumbly-Warner

Ranger Black Powder Specialist


A slight man of average height and build. His hands are almost perpetually stained black, due to constant exposure to gunpowder and fire. When not dressed for combat, his clothing is simple – a guard’s uniform consisting of tan britches, white collared shirt and brown overcoat. When it comes time to throw down and get dirty, he dons leather armor, favoring mobility over protection. In either case, he always wears a three-pointed hat, complete with peacock feather, and a pair of soft leather gloves over his hands.


He is a friendly man, quick to smile or laugh. So quick, in fact, that some times he can be seen giggling to himself, for no apparent reason. He talks to himself on occasion, as well. Sometimes he even answers. For him, adventuring is a matter of money – he is paid well for his services, and therefore works to the best of his abilities. That is, unless he is commanded to touch something icky.

Agustus Chumbly-Warner

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