Ark'al Endarron



Stands: 5’5” Weight: 130 lbs Skin: White skinned but currently red from living in the sun Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Long Puffy blond hair


The young boy is a quiet lad but very touchy feely. On the way back from the Sister’s Island he would try to sneak into someone bed at night to curl up with. He has a large mess of yellow hair that seems to stay puffed up all the time. He has no facial hair and very little chest hair. His smock is mostly green in color with some tie-dyed spots of red. The smock is held up at the shoulder by a clasp, a non-descript copper piece. His personal belongings consist of a large marble, a twig, a wood carving a two waves crashing and an old knife with sheath.

When he does talk his voice his calming and innocent and his smile is beautiful.

Ark'al Endarron

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