Zethius "Raven's Wrath"

Paladin of The Raven Queen


- Stands 5’7” - Weighs 164 lbs - Crimson Skin - Jet Black Eyes - Charcoal Black Hair - When he talks, it sounds as more than one voice is speaking, and also sounds like more then one of the voices suffers from smoke inhalation - A slight smell of sulphur follows him as he passes by


Some 20 years ago a merchant came up to a group of people surrounding something on the road as he was on his way back home. As he approached some of the people stopped poking and prodding the thing they had surrounded and looked up at him. He slowed down as he was passing by and seen that what the people had surrounded was a person wearing a cloak. Also, noticing the size and shape of the person, he thought that it must be a woman. And knowing of how mobs are and sometimes accusing people of being “Witches”, stepped in to see what he could do to help the person being assaulted.

Most of the people, knowing him on site as a nice and generous man, and others that knew him by reputation, stepped away as he climbed down from his cart. As he approached the huddled figure, he drew back the hood and beheld a sight. A very beautiful woman, but not human. Red skin and small horns protruding from her forehead. The woman was a half-demon, but the merchant did not care, for he fell in love with her at first site.

Gently reaching his hand out o her, she saw the kindness in his eyes, and held her hand out to him. As she rose, the people stepped back further, but none stepped in between them as he led her to his cart, helped her on, and drove off.

Some time went by and nothing seemed wrong, and a few years later, she gave birth. For the first 3 months, everything seemed fine. But then one night, something terrible happened. The nearby people, feeling that this half-demon had used magic to enchant this man and use him as a means of escape, came upon their dwelling with crude weapons and fire.

The outcome was inevitable. During the oncoming fight, the man lost his life to hold back the people as the woman his their child. After they had slain the man, the searched for her, blaming her for his death. When they found her, they did to her what they almost did those years ago. And after their deed was done, they set fire to the home, seeing that evil would not survive.

But something did.

Two days later some priests from the order of The Raven Queen happened to walk by. Knowing slightly what happened from the smoke still rising from the still warm ashes, they looked to a nearby tree and saw the bodies of the man and woman swinging in the wind. As they cut them down and prepared to give the two a proper burial, they heard the sound of crying. As they searched the wreckage the came upon a infant. They finished the burial and took the child with them back to their temple to be raised under their hands and watchful eyes, knowing that the child’s time was not up yet, for if it was, he would have already been with their Goddess…..

(First draft ..not that great..and more will be writin as I come up with it later on)

Zethius "Raven's Wrath"

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