Indavo Makkh


said: in-dah-voh Maah-k

Age: N/A (he looks around 40 in human years)
Appearance: He has a grey hair. his face is looks like he’s been through alot, with wear lines and creases typical of a life long soldier.
Class: Swordmage
Species: Half elf
Alignment: N/A
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 180 pounds


He’s Tie’s business partner in a blackpowder research facility located at a secluded cottage on Mellor.

After the bank of Mellor was robbed using a blackpowder explosion, Mellor’s sheriff went to the cottage to interrogate Indavo and move the research to a more secure location. To make sure no one would try to steal any secrets from the lab and to remove any evidence of any happenings at the cottage, Indavo set everything a-blaze and left nothing except a symbol on one tree.

A research lab and black powder factory is currently being built under the watch of Indavo, Andalla Spite and Tie Solus.

Indavo is a serious fella with an eye for detail. He’s tough, both mentally and physically. He’s got an eye for leadership even if it’s through fear, and fear you must if you ever betray him. His years of military training are apparent, although where he got this training is unknown.

Despite his methods, he is also fiercly loyal and would protect his friends to the death.

Other than that, his history is not quite known. He fled to Mellor through a boat called “The Bloody Cat”, a cargo ship that also transports black market items for the right price.

After Tie’s trial, Indavo had to replace him in the position of ‘field tester’ for the blackpowder research facility.

Sent with the restless spirit to bring back Tie Solus and the black powder documentation. He came back to find Mellor’s founder Idokka had returned and the military leader had been deposed. Being faithfull to the military leader, Indavo protested and was killed while resisting arrest.

Indavo Makkh

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