Triggels Bonderpont

Captain of the Restless Spirit


early 20s


Tall and lanky, reddish/brown hair, blue eyes, weathered complexion.

Triggels was born in Chesner, a small whaling community off the coast of the northern mainland. A few years back when the demons first arrived Chesner was one of the first places overrun by the demons, Triggels and a few survivors escaped in one of the whaling boats and headed southeast.

Many of the survivors in the crowded boat died of thirst and exposure, after a week they made landfall on a small island and were able to replenish supplies. The island was too small to offer any long-term support and the survivors continues southeast.

After many weeks of hopping from one island to the next, with a few more deaths, the survivors made their way to Kalaas. For most this was the end of their journey as Kalaas offered shelter and opportunities. For Triggels, the large city was too much; too much noise, too many buildings and too many people. And when he'd seen his kin and neighbours settled into the city he chose to leave, in the hopes of finding a better life.

Eventually he made his way to Mellor, of which he'd heard many promising things. He agreed to join Mellor's expanding navy as a deckhand.

Triggels Bonderpont

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