6’ tall (including horn)
170 lbs
one of the 2 horns on his head has been broken off with about 1/4" of base left and filed smooth.

A Tiefling rogue, he was born in fire and bred to help devastate the mortal realm. After the army he was part of was defeated and his master destroyed, he found himself without a purpose.

For years he wandered around as an elusive creature of the woods, living off what he could find in the forest, holding up and stealing from stray wanderers and small caravans.

At one point he finds himself doing a house invasion, when he gets caught by the owner, an old army deserter gone rogue. He decides not to kill off the Tiefling as it was the first company he’d had in many a year. Instead he befriended him and the Tiefling learnt from this character the importance of neutrality. True neutrality doesn’t mean indecision, it means giving the option of right or wrong depending on the situation without compromising oneself.

Tie is a focused character, serious and to the point. When he has a goal set, he usually goes to any end to meet it. He likes information, he believes in the power that information has in any given situation.

Tie will rarely have an alcoholic drink, if he does, there is usually a purpose to it. He prefers to keep his whits about him.

He also knows how to speak Goblin, for his master used goblins to send any kind of message throughout the army, and it was easier to teach a tiefling how to speak goblin than to teach a goblin how to speak anything else.

His loyalty can be bought, but once bought, he won’t take any higher bidders. It’s bad for business if your boss can't trust you. So in short, Thwaites bought Tie’s loyalty, and he will be loyal to his employer to the end of the contract and all the stipulations within it.


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